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Pulse ensures the stability and performance of your Elasticsearch and OpenSearch clusters with early issue detection, AI-generated insights, and expert support.

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Delegate Your Search Cluster Worries to Pulse

Stay focused on your day-to-day tasks knowing that Pulse ensures the health of your search clusters. The Pulse platform optimizes performance, reduces costs, and aligns with your needs, allowing your team to focus on innovation.

Focus on Your Business

Eliminate management headaches, freeing your team for innovation

Deep Cluster Reviews

Continuous proactive monitoring and expert insights ensure optimal performance

Proactive Monitoring

Gain peace of mind with continuous monitoring for proactive issue detection while maintaining your cluster's performance and stability

Optimize Performance

Maintain fast, reliable search and prevent downtime for a seamless user experience

Cost Savings

Optimize resource usage and reduce your infrastructure expenses

Tap into World-Class Support

Your Strategic Ally in Search Cluster Management

  • Human Touch with AI Power: Leverage our AI platform for issue detection and root-cause analysis, with the added benefit of real human expertise.
  • Expert Guidance: Get access to world-class Elasticsearch and OpenSearch specialists.
  • 24/7 Support: Enjoy true piece of mind with personalized consulting and 24/7 support under SLA for critical issues.
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Features You’ll Love

Experience proactive monitoring, AI-powered insights, and expert support for optimal cluster health. All driven by our 10+ years of results-driven knowledge.


Visualize your cluster behavior with powerful dashboards curated by Elasticsearch experts for Elasticsearch users, offering a comprehensive view of nodes, indices, and shards, ensuring you get the most relevant insights.

Query Analytics

Identify slow queries, understand patterns, and gain deeper insights into your system's search performance.

Intelligent Alerts

Receive timely, targeted alerts on critical production issues.

Health Assessments

Get daily health reports on your cluster’s stability, performance, security, and resiliency.

Actionable Recommendations

Our AI-powered platform provides expert insights to optimize performance and reduce costs.

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It’s easy to get started! Discover the seamless journey to optimized clusters.


Install a non-intrusive agent and connect Pulse to your clusters effortlessly.


Receive AI-driven tailored recommendations and optimize your cluster’s performance.


Enjoy high-performing, healthy clusters with continuous monitoring and expert support.

Say Goodbye to Firefighting and Hello to Innovation.

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